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Everyone has their own specific needs, desires, and preferences when it comes to skin care, and we understand that no two bodies are the same.  

While we love the products we stock on our shelves, sometimes our clients want something a little bit more.  We offer the service of custom blending our herbs, essential oils, and bases for YOU specifically. 

How it works:

We collect a deposit for all custom blends, with the remainder to be billed once the product is complete.  Prices will vary based on customer preference, and the expense of the herbs involved.  We never move forward with a Custom Order until the details have been clarified and confirmed with the customer.  Refunds for Custom Blends are available BEFORE the product has been made, and if the customer is not completely satisfied, we issue one "do-over" product (we try again at no additional cost to the customer). 

Once the order is placed, our herbalists will reach out to discuss your specific needs and to provide a quote on the cost. Once approved, we make it and mail it! 

What kinds of blends do we make?

We work with you to make whatever your heart desires, but here are some popular items we do as custom blends:

  • Face & body creams with unique scent blends or for people with specific skin care concerns
  • Hair serums with unique scent blends
  • Anxiety and Insomnia massage oils
  • Headaches (Try the new Mental Zen)
  • Warts
  • Cold Sores (Now available as a standard product)
  • Rosacea and varicose veins
  • Blends for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Soul Serums: Sacred oils to feed you body and soul.  


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