Hair Serum + Alkaline Facial Toner

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Hair Serum NouRiche
Alk-Align Toner Ourika
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Pair one of our award-winning hair serums with a "first of its kind" alkaline toner. 

NouRiche: This prized blend of Ayurvedic herbs has been regarded for millennia for their ability to nourish the scalp, keep hair healthy and strong, prevent balding and split ends, plus make hair silky, smooth, and more manageable (particularly for those with naturally curly hair). We're so proud to announce that NouRiche was featured in British Vogue's "Get Glossy" top 10 hair care picks for month of June 2020! 

Timeless:  It's no secret that our skin and hair change as we age, so Timeless' ingredients are designed for individuals with more years under their belt and miles under their feet.  Changes in hormones can have a significant impact on hair loss and hair health; Timeless' herbal blend speaks to these hormone changes and helps to balance them. If your hair is thinner, finer, and just starting to change in color, Timeless is best for you! 

Alk-Align Toners: You've heard of Alkaline water, and how Alkaline pH levels relate to your health, now meet the first toning facial mist with a pH level of 9.5!  Mixed with hydrosols, this trailblazing product hydrates, balances, cleanses, and tones your skin.  Just mist and rub it into your skin.  Both the Kamogawa and the Ourika blends help keep the signs of aging at bay, with Ourika offering an upper hand for dry or oily skin, and Kamogawa offering an upper hand for skin that is uneven in tone. 

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