Glow + Ayurvedic Skin Cream

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Pair our Glow Facial Serum with an adaptogen-rich skin cream!

Glow Facial SerumThere's nothing more stunning than rockin' your own inner glow.  You know, when you're walking on sunshine and everyone around you just stops to take in your glow. That's what we built our Glow Facial Serum to do- to help bring that inner glow out to your skin.  The herbal blend balances and renews your skin- keeping it silky, clear, and evenly toned.  The essential oils take it one step further- fennel and may chang round out the herbal blend, helping to keep skin clear and youthful.  The myrrh gives the serum a mild spf value, protecting your skin from UV rays. 

Ayurvedic Skin CreamAyurvedic herbs blended with coconut oil and shea butter to create a luxurious body cream that hydrates, protects, and nourishes the skin. Our proprietary blend of adaptogenic, neuro-protective herbs is antioxidant rich, fortifies the body, and soothes the nervous system. Have sensitive skin? Prone to rashes and irritation? Try our Nibbana Blend Skin Cream.

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