Energize Facial Serum + Timeless Tresses HairSerum

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Two anti-aging serums for hair and face!

Energize: The herbal blend in Energize is like a fine wine- with starting, middle, and finishing notes. The bulk of the herbs are rejuvenative, which means they promote healthy cellular regeneration and increasing cellular metabolism (this helps to firm up the skin). The middle notes are chia and pomegranate- these are thick oils, providing nectar-like hydration to the skin, and helping it to produce its own collagen. The properties of the base herbs ensure your cells "digest", absorb, and make use of the rich nectar the pomegranate and chia seed have to offer. The finishing notes are the frankincense and neroli essential oils.  Neroli is rare, and costs over $100 for a 1/2 oz, but its highly celebrated for its effects on fine lines and wrinkles, and is named after the Italian princess who used the flower to help maintain her youthful visage as she added years to her reign. Frankincense too, is a wonderful essential oil to help dissipate fine lines and wrinkles, and the two together provide a grounded yet light floral scent.


Timeless takes our NouRiche blend to the next level!  We switched up a few of the ingredients, plus added some essential oils famous for preventing hair from going grey.  It's no secret that our skin and hair change as we age, so Timeless' ingredients are designed for individuals with more years under their belt and miles under their feet.  Changes in hormones can have a significant impact on hair loss and hair health; Timeless' herbal blend speaks to these hormone changes and helps to balance them. If your hair is thinner, finer, and just starting to change in color, Timeless is best for you! 

It can be used as a hair mask, applied 1-2 times per month, or for those with hair thinning concerns, it can be applied to scalp daily. 

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