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This blend was inspired by a particularly bad flu season, and also several hours on an international flight.  The blend of essential oils is a fairly standard Ayurvedic germ-killing and immune-boosting blend, which we’ve combined with some antioxidant and nutritionally rich base oils and translated into a balm for easier use.  

Apply some of the balm to your hands, arms, feet, chest, neck, or other areas of the body exposed to germs. It can be used before/ after flights, during flu season, before/ after public transport, after beaches with questionable cleanliness, post-port-a-potty encounters, and any other instance in which you want to be sure you’re not walking away with germs you’d rather leave behind.  

1.7 oz aluminum jar with a glass interior, perfect for travel!  

Every sale of this product directly results in the removal of 1 pound of plastic from landfill and waterways. 

Ingredients: Sesame oil, ashwaganda, bala, black cumin seed oil, sunflower wax, essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, hyssop, cajeput, peppermint, spearmint, camphor, clove, benzoine, pine, cinnamon bark.

EMPTY JAR GUARANTEE! - If you've used the whole jar and are not pleased with the product, return the empty jar and we'll give you a FULL REFUND.  Yes, we're that confident.

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