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Ayurveda boasts some incredible herbs that stimulate and promote the flow of Prana ("first air" aka, chi, energy) and Udana (upward moving air/ energy), traditionally thought to enhance meditation and the mind.  We've blended together some of Ayurveda's most sacred herbs, prized for their effects on the mind and the senses. 

Apply these oils to your temples, chakras, hands, feet, heart, neck, or as you please before meditation, before bed, or whenever you feel the need to take a mental reprieve.  Breathe deep and zen out.

Every sale of this product directly results in the removal of 1 pound of plastic from landfill and waterways. 

Meditative Bliss: Dhavana, an oil sacred to Shiva, the Hindu God of meditation and transcendence, mixed with Jatamansi and Brahmi, herbs highly regarded for their positive impact on the mind.  More aromatic in nature, this blend certainly enlivens the mind.  

Contains: Sesame oil, brahmi, essential oils of jatamansi, dhavana. 100% certified organic ingredients.

Siddharta Special: "Siddharta" was the name of the Buddha, and literally translates to "The pursuit of perfection" We took white lotus essential oil (sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism), combined with Tulsi (sacred to Vishnu, the Hindu God charged with sustaining and maintaining life) and blended them with Jatamansi and Brahmi.  Sweet meets spice in this blend, for a calming, centering, and peaceful effect on the senses.  

Contains: Sesame oil, brahmi, essential oils of jatamansi, tulsi, and lotus. All ingredients except lotus are certified organic, lotus is wildcrafted. 

10 mls roller bottles.  

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