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Aftershave Bahariya
Skin Cream Ave Maria
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Pair our one of our delightful aftershaves with an adaptogen-rich skin cream! 

Ayurvedic Skin Cream: Our proprietary blend of adaptogenic, neuro-protective herbs is antioxidant rich, fortifies the body, and soothes the nervous system. Have sensitive skin? Prone to rashes and irritation? Try our Nibbana Blend Skin Cream.

Ave Maria: Our top selling scent blend, Ave Maria combines Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, and Lime essential oils. 

Aegean Sweets: Named for its sweet yet grounded smell, this blend combines ylang ylang flowers, orange, and patchouli essential oils. 

Nibbana Blend: A cooling, healing blend of lavender, basil, and tea tree. 


Aftershaves: These herbal blends take aftershaves to an entirely new level. These herbal hydrosols are naturally astringent, cleaning and toning skin while killing any bacteria left on the skin from razor blades. There's a blend for everyone- whether you're shaving your face or your legs- we've got your skin care needs covered. 

Bahariya Blend: The Bahariya Oasis is located in Egypt and the name means "By the sea". Bahariya is mildly sweet, calming, and smells something like an ocean breeze.

Ubari Blend: The Ubari Oasis is in the hottest part of the Sahara Desert, and in that vein, Ubari is an ultra-refreshing cucumber-mint aftershave blend. 

Green Man: This blend is designed to help with razor-burn, rashes, and cuts caused when shaving. A blend of essential oils cools and soothes while the herbal base heals the skin quickly. 

Liquid Sunshine: This herbal formula is designed to help with acne and breakouts. 

Stay Golden: Classically scented for men, this anti-aging blend of herbs helps you look your best for years to come. 

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