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This formula was specifically designed with hard work in mind- tradespeople, nurses, those whose hands are exposed to harsh chemicals, to the elements, and to an above average level of wear and tear.  Cracks in the fingers can be extremely painful, and we set out to remedy that problem with this blend.

The herbs were easy to choose- Calendula and Comfrey repair skin on the cellular level, helping to knit the tissue together. Ashwaganda and bala strengthen the tissue, while helichrysum and ho wood reduce inflammation and expedite the healing process.  

Apply to hands, feet, elbows, or other places where skin dries and cracks.  The blend is a thick concentrate, so a small amount is all that's needed.  Some prefer to apply before bed, then wear socks or gloves while they sleep. 

Every sale of this product directly results in the removal of 1 pound of plastic from landfill and waterways. 

Ingredients: Sesame oil, herbs of ashwaganda, bala, calendula oil, comphrey oil, sunflower wax, argan oil, helichrysm hydrosol, ho wood essential oil, lactobacillus ferment.  Ho wood is wildcrafted. 

Ho wood essential oil is not certified organic- all other ingredients are. 

EMPTY JAR GUARANTEE! - If you've used the whole jar and are not pleased with the results, return the empty jar and we'll give you a FULL REFUND.  Yes, we're that confident. 


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