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The Ayurvedic Sun Cream is a thick blend of antioxidant rich herbs and plant oils that have high natural SPF factors, then mixed with zinc and rose hydrosol. While some individuals choose to use the sun cream in place of sunscreen, others use it as a protective or restorative moisturizer in addition to regular sunscreen, depending on their individual SPF needs.  The blend includes wheat germ seed oil and raspberry seed oil, each of which have an estimated natural spf level ranging from 20-30. Cranberry seed oil, also included in the blend, is an extremely bioavailable source of vitamin E.  Use it on your face and body, and reapply after time spent in water.

Surya, the Sanskrit word for sun, is an unscented version, while Bastet’s blend contains lavender and myrrh essential oils.  These essential oils also help to protect the skin from UV rays. In Ancient Egypt, Myrrh oil was spread on the body for this exact purpose, and thus the blend is named for the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet.  

1.7 oz travel friendly jar or 4 oz glass jar

Every sale of this product directly results in the removal of 1 pound of plastic from landfill and waterways. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil,  sesame oil, herbs of Ashwaganda, Bala, wheat germ seed oil, raspberry seed oil, zinc oxide, cranberry seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary antioxidant extract.  Bastet’s Blend only: Essential oils of Lavender and Myrrh.

All ingredients are certified organic except for Zinc Oxide.  We don't use any stabilizers in the product, and thus consistency of the product will change with temperature. In freezing temperatures the coconut oil will begin to separate from the shea butter creating small "beads". This is normal and they will dissolve when applied to the skin.

EMPTY JAR GUARANTEE! - If you've used the whole jar and are not pleased with the product, return the empty jar and we'll give you a FULL REFUND.  Yes, we're that confident.  

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