"I can't get enough of these products!"

"Vedic Botanicals is amazing!  I absolutely LOVE this company and their products.  I first reached out to Rachel when I was dealing with a bad case of eczema and dermatitis, and nothing was working. Rachel was so helpful and knowledgeable during my consultation. 

My absolute favorite is the Radiance Face Cream, but I also love the Recovery Aide, Defense Balm, Skin Soothe, and Siddhartha Special."

An "Other-worldly elixir!"

I was first introduced to the Radiance cream through a small sampler and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to buy 50 tons of it, but I did... Read More

"These products WORK."

"I first started using the Vedic Botanicals' Scar Cream and saw incredible results with that.  Since then, I've become a fan of the Cellu-Aide, the NouRiche Hair Oil, the Recovery... Read More

Working Hands- "Miraculous to say the least"

I have been plagued for years with fingertips that get cracked and painful whenever I wear gloves. This hand cream is miraculous to say the least. My search for something that actually works is over. My hands are healed overnight! 

-J. Sherwin

"The only thing that helped when I was pregnant"

"The Recovery Aide oil was the only thing that helped with the aches and pains in my back and hips while I was pregnant.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I tell all my... Read More

"I love this face cream!"

-Valerie Lighthart, Model & Actress on why she loves Radiance Face Cream Read More

"I love these products"

"I love these products!  I've been using the Cell-Aide daily.  It's kept my winter dry skin supple and itch-free.  It's the first product that's stopped my constant scratching.  I love... Read More

Working Hands- Highly Recommend

"I work in a warehouse and my hands take a beating. Using the Working Hands has prevented painful cracks and splits in my fingers, and it helps to heal any... Read More

Skin Soothe- Safe and Effective

When putting [skin soothe] on, I thought it was going to be too greasy, but the the oil soaked in and that’s when the healing began.

"My favorite product ever!"

"The Ayurvedic Skin Cream Healing Blend is by far my favorite product I have ever used! Especially for my 39 week-ready-to-pop-baby-belly! Stretch marks don't stand a chance!" -Olivia Read More