PinkPlayMags On VB's Unique Approach

PinkPlayMags On VB's Unique Approach

Freelance journalist Bryen Dunn recently wrote a rave review of Vedic Botanical's unique mission statement and herbal approach for PinkPlayMags, and we loved the write-up! 

"Fad ingredients come and go, but Vedic Botanicals is focused on the herbal wonders you might be less familiar with," he says. "This brand of plant-based personal care introduces you to a wide variety of herbal ingredients that provide healing and holistic health and wellness. Best of all, the company educates consumers on these ancient herbal remedies and how they provide benefits in the modern age."

He goes on to emphasize our sustainability practices: 

  • The Vedic Botanicals workshop is 100% solar powered, producing a surplus of energy every month for the rest of the grid.
  • All packaging is non-plastic and easy to re-use.
  • All labels are certified compostable and made from plant-based plastic.
  • Compost any products past their “sell by” date.
  • Strive to uphold a waste-free environment in the workplace.
  • Source ingredients and packaging from American companies to reduce environmental shipping costs and support local economies.
  • Utilize the Post Office for shipping to make maximum use of the trucks that are already on the road every day.

Read the full article here.