Entrepreneur Magazine on Lead Herbalist Rachel Warnock

Entrepreneur Magazine on Lead Herbalist Rachel Warnock

Rachel Warnock, Founder and Lead Herbalist of Vedic Botanicals, joins Andrew on Entrepreneur Magazine's Action and Ambition podcast. The two entrepreneurs discuss what leads us to start businesses and how we hope to shape the world through them. 

"After the crash in 2008, I was thrust into entrepreneurship because I literally couldn't get a job. Even though I graduated at the top of my class and had glowing recommendations from my professors and the doctors I interned under... I still couldn't get a job." 

To continue on in her field, she began her private practice. She also contracted at one of the top hospitals in her city and worked as a professor at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin giving lectures on food & agriculture policy and it's effects on healthcare in America. 

"I was in charge of my own fate instead of leaving it to someone else," Rachel says. During her years within private practice, she honed her skill at crafting herbal formulas and began putting together distinctive product lines. 

In 2017, Vedic Botanicals was officially born as an Ayurvedic, sustainable body care brand. Since their debut, Vedic Botanicals has gone on to achieve a wide and dedicated following for their hair serums, hand lotions, and essential oil diffuser blends. They've also been featured in numerous publications like British Vogue and Martha Stewart Magazine. 


"Creating the business for me, it was as much as a means to my own subsistence as a desire to create something that was bigger and broader and beyond me that would continue to give back to the community long after I'm gone. I'm an herbalist, I'm coming at this from a health standpoint. From day one, I designed our products to take beauty beyond skin deep." 

She goes on to explain her moving vision for the future of the company, which involves deep community outreach, mentorship, and job training/education for underserved youth. 

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