Christy Writes Reviews Vedic Botanicals

Christy Writes Reviews Vedic Botanicals

Freelance journalist Christy Wright sat down to interview Rachel Warnock (Founder & Lead Herbalist) on the path that lead her to creating her own company; from studying herbs in high school to running a company that graces the pages of British Vogue. 

Christy writes:

"I’m not going out on a limb when I say Vogue has great taste, and I have to agree with them – the hair serum gives weight to my fine hair, and my other Vedic faves include: Energize Face Serum, which imparts a pretty glow; Working Hands, a velvety balm perfect for Covid-cracked hands; Recovery Aide, for sore muscles; and Defense Balm – I am addicted to this immune-supporting, germ-busting balm that smells good enough to eat,"  

Rachel and Christy go on to discuss her natural approach, and what continues to feed her investment in her business. 

"I am so grateful that my creations can impact others in a positive way," Rachel said. "One woman had a huge keloid scar on her belly from a C-section that just healed terribly. She hated her belly and couldn’t look at it. She bought our Scar Cream and came back to me a month later asking what was in it. She said, “My scar is softening and becoming smaller. My 8-year-old scar is receding!” When she said she was able to look at her belly for the first time in 9 years and not hate her stomach, I knew I was on the right path."

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